Liquid Energy by Native Instruments

music production

If you’re looking to add some fresh innovation to your electronic music production, the new expansion by Native Instruments, Liquid Energy, may sound interesting to you. This expansion pack will bring an authentic acid energy vibe to your creations. In other words, it’ll bring something that’ll really cater to your insides. Yes, we’re talking about your mind, body, and soul. For example, go through hundreds of samples—from analog gear—that are ready for Massive and Monark. Similarly, create addictive grooves and wobbling baselines and explore sonic emotions to enhance your music productions. All these you’ll get in this expansion.

Liquid Energy: Features

Liquid Energy emerged in collaboration with some really good producers. Some of them are Alexkid, Michael Fakesch of Funkstörung, and Ramon Zenker. Inside the expansion pack, you’ll find 545 loops, 503 drum samples, and 204 one-shots. These’ll aid you to immediately get going with some good base ingredients. Moreover, there are also 53 battery kits and 56 machine ones from drumming. Specifically, there are 16 synth presets for Massive and 17 for Monark. Furthermore, if you have Maschine, you’ll get 220 patterns, 30 drum synth presets, 20 sampled instruments, 23 bass synth presets, and 13 projects. What more could you ask for?

To be more specific, in the Drumming section you’ll find that there are 125 hi-hats, 90 snares, 64 percussions, 89 kicks, 46 cymbals, 40 claps, 18 shakers, and 28 toms. All these will get you going like there’s no tomorrow. Keep in mind, though, that this’ll take up 1.49 GB of free space on your computer. Also, be sure to check the system requirements before installing. The expansion has an optimization for Maschine +, Maschine, Maschine Mikro, Maschine Studio, Maschine Jam for The Komplete Series Keyboards. Lastly, a great plus is that the loops and samples work in any DAW. As a result, this expansion interesting if you’re working on electronic music production.

Image: Native Instruments