Diablo Lite


The Diablo Lite is a free plug-in from Cymatics that is made and designed to help you punch your drums through the mix with an enhancer unit. With its Punch and Clip parameters and shaping tools, you can make your drums have that beasty sound they might be missing. There are a couple of modern production techniques that are specifically applied for drum production and those techniques include parallel compression and nice saturation. With these methods, you can give your drums much more presence to appear in your mix. These methods are normally applied for Trap and Hip Hop.

The Diablo Lite plug-in effect has been split into two engines. On the left side of the unit, you will find Punch, this is a transient shaping that acts almost like a parallel compressor. This feature will help you accentuate or elevate transients whiles you modify the dial, making snares and kicks slap with a characteristic sound. In the other part of the unit, on the right side, you will find the Clip feature which is a modern hard and soft clipper. This feature applies saturation to your sound to add warmth and harmonic character. Today almost every track uses a hard and soft clipper to give character and to add drums to their mix.

Diablo Lite is compatible with all famous DAWS including, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, FL Studio and Pro Tools. There are other similar products or concepts out there that have a parallel compressor or aggressor, sporting a similar GUI layout. This version of the Diablo is a Lite version, Cymatics has communicated that they will be releasing a full-on version, we imagine that this full version will have a price tag, but it will include some added features like body and heat parameters, filters and an EQ.

Image: Cymatics