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Monotron Delay by Korg

If you’re looking for a fantastic little handheld portable and intense analog like echo effects synthesizer, look no further. The Monotron Delay, by Korg, features a Space Delay that’s great fun and interesting for musical exploration. Plus, you can take it everywhere. With batteries, the ribbon controller keyboard is full of features that are simple…
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music production hardware

NTS-1 by Korg

The NTS-1 is the first do-it-yourself synthesizer created by Korg—do it your self as in DIY, as in you can actually assemble it and make it work. Isn’t that fun? The package includes everything that you need in—even the tools. As a result, it’s possible for you to assemble your own at home without the…
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music production Hardware

ASM Hydrasynth (Desktop/Rack)

The ASM Hydrasynth is a Polytouch 24 pad polyphonic sound engine for both sound designers and performing musicians. It features the new ASM Polytouch pads which allow you to play the pads with standard velocity and aftertouch. However, there’s a little plus: the polyphonic aftertouch. This enables musicians to own better ways to express their…
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Music Production Hardware


The Roland SBX-1 sync box is multiformat sync for computers and electronic instruments: it allows them to communicate simultaneously and synchronize with each other. In particular, it can support several analog and digital devices with its DIN SYNC, MIDI, and USB connections. All of these can be the master clock source. Additionally, you can utilize…
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Low-frequency Oscillation (LFO)

Low-Frequency Oscillation, also known as LFO, is an electronic frequency that usually falls at the far end of the audio range. This frequency typically falls below 20Hz, so it’s practically impossible for the human ear to hear it. Experts commonly use an LFO to create effects within the electronic music production universe. Low-frequency oscillation creates…
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