Focus on the Fundamentals

music production knowledge

First of all, it is hard to paint if you haven’t even held a paintbrush in your hand. The same factor applies to music production, you need to know the basics and tools to produce a full track, or even to get started. First things first, Learn the fundaments of music production. When it comes to learning to become a new producer you will find yourself with two fundamental phases: learn the tools and learn the techniques, the how and the why.

This includes the operation of the essentials and functions of a DAW, working with audio and MIDI. Chore progressions and melody are fundamentals that you need to dominate. Using an instrument or synthesizer or knowing the basics of building drum loops and four-bar loops are fundamental. On the second phase, you will need to know how common mixing tools like EQ’s work, as well as music theory, to write songs, sound design and arrangement.

Focusing on completion, not on perfection is a fundamental phrase when starting on music production. You will make loads of bad songs before making a good one, so aim to finish them at first, not perfection. You are better off investing 6 moths creating one song per week that one “great song” over 6 months. We would think that the person that made more than 20 songs or tracks would have more experience and challenges overcome that the one with one song.

Look for attainable goals. Don’t burden yourself with goals that are outside your control, focus on a pursuable goal like finishing one song a week or two songs a month. Incremental progress is the key, the rest will come with time. Last but not least, be productive, don’t fall in the busy trap, look for results.

Image: Jerald Jackson