Should You Be Using It? may be your solution if you’re facing trouble sharing your music on different services. is a marketing platform that allows you to create smart links where you can list, in a simple but attractive fashion, the streaming platforms your music is currently on. The way this platform  achieves its purpose is by setting up a highly customizable landing page with all your info. the Plans

It offers four different plans with diverse features to fit your necessities. These are the free version plan, the Basic Plan ($10/month), the Pro Plan (20/month), and the Business Plan (40/month).

Any of these allows you to create unlimited smart link pages and receive a monthly analysis from the people visiting your profile. On the free version you can make Bio Pages (with your info and links to the streaming platforms you use), New Release Pages (with links to some of your new content), and Livestream Pages (with links to your live streaming events). Moreover, on the paid versions, you also get the Pre Save Pages, so your fans can pre order or pre save some content to be released. In addition, you get the Unlock Pages, where your fans can precisely unlock some content or material after they subscribe or donate.

How to Choose a Plan?

A difference between the free versions and paid ones is the level of customization of your pages. With the Pro plan and the Business plan you can customize not just the colors and fonts, but also the aspect of the links you share. You can even use some of your own domains to launch the pages. Furthermore, you also have access to a library of templates that are really eye appealing.

But the greatest differences to take into account when choosing your plan are the robustness of the analytics, the monetization and engagement, and the artist profiles you get. On one hand, the free and Basic plans get basic analysis from a limited number of visits per month (500 and 3000 respectively). On the other, the Pro and Business plans get a more robust analysis of all visits you receive. In this selection, you can check them in real time so you can keep track of the impact of your real time events such as a new release. That’s exciting, isn’t it?

Adding to this, with the Pro and Business plans you also can set up links to your own mech shop, give your fans the ability to donate to you via Patreon and PayPal, and set up a mail collector for the people who want to join your mailing list. Lastly,  you can manage up to one artist profile with the free and Basic plans and up to three and 25 with the Pro and Business plans. Conclusions may be a little bit expensive compared to other options out there. Regardless, if you think about the number of artist profiles offered in each plan, it may be worth the price. It all comes down to what you need.