The Music Promoter

Another important figure in the world of music marketing is the music promoter. The person in charge of this job will mainly publicize and promote your performances. These include both  gigs and bigger concerts. The whole point of this activity is to keep on nurturing your brand, so that your audience becomes larger and larger each time. And, obviously, this will translate into amassing more profits. 

The Role of a Music Promoter

The role of the music promoter is to work along the artists (or their managers) to plan an event. Together, apart from agreeing on a date, they secure a venue that suits your needs. In any case, the promoter can both be an office-worker and a hands-on aid. Moreover, the promoter is the person engaged in the advertising as well as in the economic aspect of this process, for s/he negotiates the fees and produces the contracts. As an example, whenever you’re publicizing a concert, let’s say, the promoter will deal with the radio or TV hosts to reach an understanding that is functional for every party. This task is achievable, too, in the various digital media platforms.

    Another characteristic of this job is ensuring that you, as an artist, have everything you need offstage and onstage. This figure is the one in charge of everything from hotel rooms to sound checks. Part of this function is to spell out contracts that include date and time of the event’s rehearsals and the length of the artist’s performance, as well as other similar demands.

Can I Be my Own Music Promoter? – Conclusions

Yes: as we told you in DIY Music Marketing, everything a music company does you can do, too. However, the role of the promoter is hard and can be exhausting. Here’s what you need to know.

    For becoming your own promoter, you need the ability to negotiate effectively. Imagine how many times you’ll need to bargain with record labels and other music-related industries! It’s vital, too, that you inform yourself as much as possible about the diverse aspect of businesses. The experiences you’ll create if you commit to this figure are planning and organization of events, as well as the catering of services related to this. If you’re just starting, make sure to build nurturing relationships with people in smallish businesses, such as bars, cafes, and fairs, to begin obtaining venue experience.