Electronic Press Kit (EPK) – Part II 

This is a continuation of our Electronic Press Kit (EPK) – Part I. In this previous entry we defined what the EPK was and its basics. In addition, we began letting you know what its components are: the bionote, the promotional pictures, the press clippings, achievements (like awards), social media links, and contact information. If you want to learn more about the first two, please consult the aforementioned Part I. Now, following the aim of this piece, here are the remaining six components.

Components of the EPK:

1. Music

The EPK is meant to be your musical identity. For the selection process, we recommend you to choose your best-achieved songs (which are usually the most popular). Be sure that the player is easy to use: a click must be enough for people to begin listening. Moreover, given that the EPK is meant to be hosted on your website, let the people listen to the full tracks. To balance this out, include links to the streaming services and platforms as well. This will extend the reach of your potential audience. 

This is an optional choice, but one that has proven successful: involve a description of your music, especially if you’ve got something new coming out soon.

2. Video

Another popular alternative is to embed videos of your music in the EPK. These can be studio recorded, but also those of you performing at festivals or other gigs. They must be of high quality and as compelling as possible.

3. Press Clippings

If your notoriety has taken you to the press, then make sure to include it in your EPK. Following Ben Rossman’s ABCs, your story (or branding) is crucial to stand out amongst the crowd. Press clippings are proof of it. So when you have already made an appearance in any publishing media or interview, or when someone has reviewed your tunes, be sure to keep a good track and place them within your EPK tab. Regardless, do not attempt to fit everything in: keep the reviews short and sweet. A quote from each review or interview, its score, and its source will suffice.

4. Social Media Links

This subtitle is very self-explanatory. In your website, which is hosting your EPK, guarantee that the social media accounts belonging to your music and its promotion is available. But beware: only include those in which you’re the most active.

5. And Please Don’t Forget Your Contact Information!

If you want a more extensive explanation of the contact information, you can visit the promo pack guideline. For the time being, know that you should place the contact information at the end of the EPK page.  Since this is a digital media, you can either use a contact form or an email address link that will allow your visitors to further inquire in those specific channels. Plus, if you’re already working with an agent or a manager, include their information as well.

EPK: Conclusions

As you can see from our two entries,  in an EPK you have to make sure everything is dynamic and easy to locate. Its goal is not to overwhelm the readers with information. Quite the contrary, the target is that they can get a sense of who you are and the ways in which they can work with you if they’re interested.