Clubhouse: an App for Music Marketing

Launched in 2020, Clubhouse offers a space where musicians, fans, and people involved in the music industry can interact digitally. It is ranked twelfth on the iOS App Store for apps on Social Networking this past month and so has emerged as a new way to connect with people. And it is continuously growing! The dynamics of the platform are simple: users can jump from chat room to chat room and participate in live time on panel-style discussions with the casualness you would expect from a cafe talk. 

How Is Clubhouse Used in the Music Industry?

To date, hundreds of rooms are hosted every week on Clubhouse. Each room has top music executives and artists discussing trends, opinions, and advice. In addition, each provides an alternative to a wide variety of public to get the insights on how to navigate the music industry and grow their network. A case in point: some artists have been using the app to find new collaborations.

Another example of how this app can be useful to musicians is the potential it has to reach a wider audience and strengthen the relationship with their fans. You can achieve this by hosting a chatroom with other artists, premiering new releases, setting a meet-and-greet, and including fans on interactive live performances, all of this in real time.

The Clubs

Clubhouse has groups called “clubs,” which are the simplest way to connect with people and find relevant conversations. They are safe spaces with their own rules. In them, people collectively encourage an attitude of respect. Some examples are the Music Industry Network, Music HQ, Music Industry Execs, New Music Review + Music Business 101, and The 808 Wave. These clubs host rooms for networking, advice, panel discussions, listening parties, and more.


If you want to meet new people who might be familiar with the music biz, Clubhouse is your option. Many aspects of music marketing are exhausting, so this platform offers a breath of fresh air. You can enjoy socializing and networking at the same time.