Drawmer S73

For mastering design, a multi-band compressor may be a powerful device. But a multi-band compressor that’s not used constantly may make more issues than it tackles. Usually why we made Drawmer S73 Brilliantly Ace Processor. Use it to shape your blend with clarity and definition that no customary compressor might ever give. Beneath the hood, the S73 is based on innovation made by Drawmer for the 1973 Three Band FET Stereo Compressor. This is often a grant-winning multi-band analogue compressor plan popular for its exactness and adaptability.

But as with all multi-band compressors it takes care and encounter to discover the sweetest of sweet spots. With the S73 we’ve found them for you, and the sound plan behind each Fashion speaks to a master acing engineer’s ability and taste. You’ll have no inconvenience getting the finest out of Drawmer with this uncommon small unit. Softube has carefully modelled all the characteristics of the first analogue equipment at the component level, so what you listen to within the S73 is genuinely the genuine thing in action. “I think they’ve nailed it,” says Kieron Clough, Items Chief at Drawmer. “Ivor [Drawmer] considers they’ve nailed it as well. It’s fantastic!” The S73 is the way to urge top-of-the-line analogue hardware on your acing transport without fear of choice loss of motion or losing yourself within the points of interest. It’s called the Cleverly Ace Processor since it makes the intense choices for you, clearing out you free to tune in to the effect.

Highlights cleared out and right VU meters checking yield levels per channel, sum handle increments handling along professionally planned slopes and ten styles in three categories (Clean, Bass Control, and Spatial)

Image: Softube