Arturia BeatStep Pro

music production hardware

Arturia has brought to us a perfect tool to enable us to produce music on the move once again. The Arturia BeatStep Pro is a remarkable sequencing powerhouse. It is a controller that is elegant and compact put packs great versatility and power. You can trigger clips, play the drums or tweak the parameters of your favourite synth, oh and you can do all this at once. It is also a 16 step analogue sequencer and a MIDI drum machine all at once. It is easy to set up and connect to your computer or iPad using a simple USB cable.

It has 16 memories that can give you instant access to recall your favourite patterns and scales modes. You can also connect via CV/GATE to analogue synths software instruments and other MIDI hardware of your choice. Get beat creative with is 16 velocity-sensitive pads with percussion instruments. They are dynamic and can also be assigned to modify or adjust several parameters to have hands-on real-time control of your drum or groove sounds. The lighting display on the Arturia BeatStep Pro is brilliant, and not only referring because of the shine it emits but it actually is nice how it stands out on any music production desk or live performance booth.

It is packed with 2 monophonic step sequencers that can scale up to 64 steps per sequence. The BeatStep Pro is pretty much versatile in many ways. If you are a music producer or a DJ this little bad boy will give you the power and portability you need. The transport buttons can be MMC controls to send MIDI CCs to control your DAW. It can also be the MIDI clock master and slave to en external clock. The chameleon controller and sequencer that will coordinate your melodic environment flawlessly. It’s compact, rough, and the idealize companion on the street or within your music production studio.

Image: Arturia